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GaŽl Varoquaux

Brain Imaging and Computational Science

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•Research: Brain imaging and modeling Publications•
•Previous research: Physics Scientific computing activities•

Professional information

  • Research faculty (CR1), Parietal team, INRIA
  • Associate researcher, Unicog team (cognitive neuroimaging unit), INSERM
  • My CV
  • Mailing address: NeuroSpin, CEA Saclay , B‚t 145, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette France
  • Phone: ++ 33-1-69-08-79-68

Research: Brain imaging and modeling

I work computational analysis of functional brain imaging to build quantitative probabilistic and descriptive models of brain function.

I develop algorithms and models to segment salient and reproducible features of on-going brain activity from functional MRI. I focus on group models for inference on multi-subject data. In addition, I use graphical models to do inter-subject or inter-group modeling of connectivity structures. More on the neuroscience page...

Previous research: Physics

I hold a Ph.D. in Physics. Until 2008, I was doing research on developing quantum-based atom-optic metrology, in particular, using quantum gases for atom-interferometric inertial sensing. More on the physics page...

Scientific computing activities

I am a core contributor in a number of scientific computing libraries in Python:

  • Mayavi: 3D plotting and scientific visualization in Python.
  • joblib: meta-programming for lightweight pipelining of scientific jobs in Python.
  • scikit-learn: Machine learning in Python.
  • nipy: NeuroImaging data analysis tools in Python.
  • pyreport: literate programming for scientific code in Python.

Personal views on scientific computing...

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